Indy to Cville: Part 2

Let’s pick up where we left off: heading eastward into the sunrise on June 1. *trying to make this sound more exciting/wonderful than a 9+ hour drive & moving for the second day in a row actually is…*

Photo Jun 01, 6 32 46 AM

I lucked out and got Mom as my road trip buddy the whole drive to Charlottesville, so she captured gorgeous photos along the way, starting with the sun coming up over the Ohio River as we drove out of town.

I love summertime in large part because of longer lasting daylight. Having the sun up with us even though we left first thing in the morning made it feel not quite as early as it was and made it easier to stay awake 🙂

I drove my car, Nathan drove his, and my dad drove the truck with the U-Haul. We caravanned down I-64 and eventually met up with Don and Tim (who were coming from Cincy) too. We even got to stop and have and lunch together, which made it fun!

Photo Jun 01, 10 39 02 AM
I saw a lot of this view the whole way there.

Once we got into West Virginia, the mountains just kept getting bigger and bigger. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to such beautiful views. So breathtaking! Between that and girl talk with my mom, the drive flew by for me. I was just so excited to finally be on our way and getting closer and closer!

Photo Jun 01, 12 32 36 PM

Before we knew it, we were in our new home state – Virginia 🙂

Photo Jun 01, 12 43 42 PM (1)

Things started to look a *little* familiar from our trip here in March. It was a nice feeling to know this time I’d get to stay vs. drive back to Indiana after a couple days.

Photo Jun 01, 2 40 25 PM

Nate and I got started at the leasing office at our apartment complex to fill out the last bit of paperwork and get our keys. With the new keys in hand, our 24 hours of homelessness officially ended. It’s a disorienting feeling to know you literally don’t have a place to call your own, so even just getting the keys made me feel more at peace in our new place.

Photo Jun 01, 3 33 37 PM

It’s official!

We walked into our new apartment and it was even better than I remembered. We downsized with this apartment (from 2 bedroom town home to 1 bed/1 bath), but a few things made that decision SO worth it:

  1. Location – literally a 5 minutes walk from the Downtown Mall, .25 miles from my work, and 2 miles from UVA where Nate will work. Yay for much better commutes and super easy access to fun stuff!
  2. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances…oh, and CEILING FANS (seriously they are so underrated but such lifesavers in summertime). Having a nicer place made this feel like a major upgrade even if we downsized on space.
  3. Amenities – awesome pool, lounge areas, courtyard, game room, conference rooms, and *FREE SNACKS* (like freshly baked cookies) every day. Need I say more?

Without further ado, here is our apartment BEFORE we unloaded anything…

Photo Jun 01, 4 04 56 PM
Walking in the door – kitchen to the left, living room ahead.
Photo Jun 01, 4 04 50 PM
Kitchen is HUGE. Probably our favorite room and wouldn’t mind having a kitchen like this in our future home.

Photo Jun 01, 4 05 12 PM

Photo Jun 01, 4 06 24 PM (1)
Patio space off the living room and in front of the bedroom.
Photo Jun 01, 4 05 23 PM
Photo Jun 01, 4 06 00 PM
Bedroom closet
Photo Jun 01, 4 05 49 PM

After getting photographic evidence that our apartment was at one point very clean and tidy, the manual labor began. With Tim, Don, and my parents, we were able to get unpacked in a little over 2 hours. By unpacked, I mean boxes in one room…not empty boxes. Because our apartment is on the first floor, we were able to lift a lot of stuff over the patio fence and just unload it that way. Huge time saver!

Photo Jun 01, 5 05 35 PM
About halfway done…

The weather could not have been more beautiful for our second moving day. We lucked out with sunshine and clear skies again. It rained the whole time we were here in March, so I appreciated the nice weather that much more this time around. We didn’t do much aside from get all the boxes inside and setup the bedroom furniture. My mom was awesome and made sure we had clean sheets on the bed and our shower set up so that we could, at the very least, take a shower and sleep that night. Lifesaver!

For dinner, we took everyone to Brazos for some much needed re-fueling after another long day. The tacos were just as good as we remembered them and it was great to finally sit down together after such a busy afternoon.

This Is My Yam and a fish taco for me. YUM.

After that, we went to check out the downtown mall. It was such a gorgeous evening and so nice to finally be there! Having family around us made it all feel more real.


Mom suggested stopping for ice cream cones at Chaps…we didn’t need much convincing before agreeing that was an excellent idea.

Cheers to summertime in Cville!

After the sweet ending to a good day, everyone went their separate ways for the night. Nate and I cleaned up, unpacked for another hour or two, and then slept like babies before getting up for brunch with everyone before they headed back to Indiana.

We decided to try The Nook downtown and got to sit outside. There wasn’t much of a crowd on a weekday morning so we didn’t have any trouble getting a table. Score!

Photo Jun 02, 9 40 08 AM

Everyone was feeling much more refreshed after a good night’s sleep…and knowing that for the first time in 2 days, they wouldn’t have to do any heavy lifting that day!


I tried the two-way sandwich which came with egg and cheese. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their meals and there was a wide variety of options. It was nice just to spend time together outside without having to coordinate any moving logistics for the first time in awhile.

A few final photo ops to capture time with family of course… don’t know what I’d do without them ❤

Photo Jun 02, 9 32 10 AMPhoto Jun 02, 9 30 45 AMPhoto Jun 02, 9 31 04 AM

After brunch was over, my parents headed back to southern Indiana and Don and Tim took the U-Haul back to Indy for us. Like I said, our family members were ROCKSTARS throughout this whole experience. We had such a great start to our lives in Cville thanks to being surrounded by loved ones. “Thank you” is an understatement.

Once they left, Nate and I hit the ground running with unpacking, exploring, and fun along the way. This concludes our Indy to Cville moving series, but stay tuned for our first adventures in our new city!

Indy to Cville: Part 1

10 hours of driving, 1 flat tire, 2 trucks, 1 U-Haul, and awesome family members = a successful move to Charlottesville! After 2.5 months of preparations, we are safely on the other side with all our stuff under one roof. Whether or not that stuff is still in boxes or not is another story 😉 For now, I wanted to get started recapping our story with Part 1 of the journey from Indy to Cville.

Our last few days in Indy were bittersweet. We both got to the point where we were just ready to GO, so that helped us say goodbye with smiles on our faces. We didn’t have many “lasts” left on our Indy bucket list, aside from enjoying some quality time & meals with close friends and family.

Photo May 29, 7 42 20 AM
The view from our back patio will be missed ❤

At long last, May 31 rolled around. We had everything packed and ready to go, so we were able to get a good night’s rest before the chaos began. The morning of our move, Nate got up early to go get the U-Haul and I got some pictures of one last sunrise in Indy.

It was really nice to have some quiet time before the day got going. I will always be a morning person for moments like this!

Not much later, family started arriving to help us load up our stuff. They were all ROCKSTARS. Nathan’s parents, Tim, and my parents all helped out. Seriously…we felt so supported and loved through the whole process having our people around us ❤ Everyone was so upbeat and eager to help with whatever we needed. I think they might be saints because I don’t know if I would’ve been nearly as nice as they all were if I were in their shoes 🙂

Not long after we started loading boxes, Don noticed a bolt (and thus a flat) in the U-Haul tire. Womp womp…Photo May 31, 9 33 54 AM

Luckily, we hadn’t loaded too much stuff yet so it wasn’t a total pain to unpack. My dad and Nate went to go swap out the U-Haul for a different one, and the rest of us worked on bringing boxes from upstairs to downstairs so we’d be ready to go once they got back. (I believe this is what made my legs sore the next day. It felt like I’d done squats and, newsflash, I don’t do squats on a regular basis. #legday)

When Nate and Dad showed up with a new U-Haul with Virginia Beach on the side, I decided it was a good sign and everything would be OK despite the hiccup in our plan 🙂

Photo May 31, 10 57 01 AM

After that, it was smooth (sometimes sweaty) sailing all morning. The morning was nice and cool (PERFECT moving weather), and even once the sun got higher in the sky we were able to find some shade. Some of us had it easier than others…

Photo May 31, 10 18 05 AM
Taking advantage of the one time I get to sit in a leather chair in the front yard with Mom!
me uhaul 1
Hiding from the heavy lifting.

With everyone’s help, it went by so fast! “Many hands make light work” for sure.

me boxes
Me wondering when we got so much stuff and how it’s all going to fit…smiling away the stress!

We stopped for a Starbucks run mid-morning, Chick-Fil-A lunch break around 1, and some photo ops along the way. Otherwise it was go, go, go!

Photo May 31, 11 11 23 AM

Photo May 31, 1 49 17 PM (1)

tim chair
Tim taking a much-deserved break!

Photo May 31, 1 48 50 PM

After lunch, my parents took off to head back home with the trailer (where we would join them for the night) and Don and Tim left to go to Cincy for the night while Jo, Nathan, and I did some cleaning around the apartment and showed it to the maintenance staff in hopes of getting our security deposit back (fingers crossed!). Zach also stopped by to say goodbye before we left. It was a lot of fun having some extra time with them!

Photo May 31, 1 46 35 PM
Saying goodbye to our home sweet home of almost 3 years…

Photo May 31, 1 48 19 PM

After all was said and done, Nathan and I left Indy around 3:30PM with no return trip on the books. It was SUCH a weird feeling to drive away knowing that the next time we come back things will be so different and we’ll be visiting vs. living there with a place of our own.

We loved our time in Indy and can’t imagine a better place for the first few years of marriage, but we were more than ready for a new adventure at this point. So, despite the weird feelings when we left, we never lost sight of our excitement through the whole experience. It finally felt real and I couldn’t wait to get on the road!

Nathan and I stayed with my parents in Georgetown for the night (our lease in Charlottesville didn’t start until June 1), so we were able to enjoy dinner on the deck – one of my FAVORITE things to do in summer. Mom was awesome and made us a homecooked meal of BBQ ribs, sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, and fresh bread. It felt like my birthday dinner, only a few weeks early…ha!

Photo May 31, 7 15 08 PM

We stayed up talking for awhile, had brookies (brownie + cookie) with ice cream for dessert, then hit the hay. It had been a long day and we knew the next one would be too, so we wanted to get as much rest as possible.

The next day began bright and early – actually not bright, because we left before sunrise – at 6AM. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our journey where we (spoiler alert) get to Cville, move in, and start exploring our new city!

Married to a Med Student: Part VI (aka Graduation Weekend Round 2!)

Welcome to the grand finale of my Married to a Med Student series. Yes, I am still married, but as of this past weekend, it’s no longer to a med student – it’s to a doctor! Nathan graduated from IU School of Medicine on Saturday, May 13th and it was one of the coolest experiences to watch him walk across the stage and get hooded. It feels like just yesterday I was watching him take the Hippocratic Oath at his White Coat Ceremony (and we were boyfriend and girlfriend at the time) and now here we are…four years  of med school have flown by and we’re coming up on our third wedding anniversary. So many milestones this month!

Graduation weekend round 2 kicked off on Friday with a dinner banquet for the graduating class and their guests at the J.W. Marriott downtown. The last time I was at this hotel was for my bachelorette party…can you tell I’m getting nostalgic? Needless to say, this evening was a little different from my bachelorette weekend! Nathan and I dressed up and headed out on the town.

Photo May 12, 7 06 25 PM

After the cocktail hour, we were treated to a 3-course dinner. The dessert was chocolate (praise!) and we got to sit with our friends, Andy and Heather (bigger praise!).

Photo May 12, 7 07 40 PM

I also got to see Nathan’s official headshot and “Nathaniel Ross Beachy, MD” on a big screen, so that was pretty cool! Those were the main highlights of the evening 🙂 After a few speeches and a ton of awards, we headed back home to rest up.


The next day, we were up bright and early to get ready for graduation. Nate drove down early and my parents came to our apartment for a mini-Mother’s Day before heading downtown too. I was so glad they were able to come! Having both sets of parents with us on this important day was very special to both of us. We are grateful for their love and support and could not have gotten here without them (to say the least)!

We met Don and Joanne at the convention center where they had seats saved for us (yay teamwork) and we had a great view of the whole stage plus some good time to catch up before the ceremony began at 10 a.m.

Ready to cheer! Except they said no cheering so…silent cheering section!


There were a few speeches and then the interesting part began – all the graduates! There were MD/PhDs, MS/MDs, MD/MPH, MS, and PhDs. They did the MDs last but Beachy is close to the beginning of the alphabet, so we didn’t have to wait too long for this moment…

(By the way – all photo credit goes to my mom, Patti Hartog Photography. Love this lady, her zoom lens, and her ability to always get to the best spot in a room for the photo op!)

After they read the Hippocratic Oath, we found our way through the massive crowd to Nathan – er, I mean Dr. Nathan! Of course we had to snag a few photos with everyone while he still had his gown, hood, and cap on.



The people going into neuro from Nate’s class did a group pic because they’re the largest (or one of the largest) groups to ever graduate in a single class for this specialty. So cool!


And some couples’ photos to finish it off 🙂


He’s totally ready to be a doctor, right? Had to have some fun with it!

After the ceremony, we headed to Don and Joanne’s for an awesome cookout they put together for family and friends to stop by. We felt spoiled having so many of our favorite people in one place to celebrate! Not to mention the weather FINALLY shaped up and decided to be sunny. We soaked it up outside and had an awesome time visiting with everyone who was able to make it.

Nate and I took off around 4:30 to head to Andy and Heather’s for their graduation party. Total flashback to senior year of high school where you spend all weekend party hopping! It was fun to spend some more time with them before we all disperse on our big adventures.

This post is long enough as it is but that’s fitting because it was a long day that had been a long time coming! Now that he’s an MD, I’m going to chronicle the next phase of our lives with a Married to an MD blog series. I love being able to look back on the different phases of this journey because – like I said above – you blink and it seems to be over. Having it written down helps me remember what it was like to be in year 1, year 2, etc.

For the grand finale, I thought it would be fun to list my top 5 takeaways from being married to a med student over the last few years. Without further ado, here’s what I would tell Rachel of 2013 that I think would be helpful…

  1. It is a ton of hard work but it is worth it. Easy to say on the other side but…it is definitely worth it. When I see Nathan light up talking about neuro, or when I think about what’s in store for us in Charlottesville, I can look back at everything we’ve been through (Step 1 flashcards, sleepless nights/overnight call, crazy interview season, etc.) and know that it is all worth it. There’s a saying that “nothing worth having comes easy” and med school is a prime example of that! But for Nathan to get to do what he is passionate about for a living is incredible to witness, not to mention inspiring. Watching him chase his dreams has made me confident enough to chase mine – and now I’m certainly not afraid of a little hard work to get there after seeing everything he’s gone through to achieve his! Never lose sight of what’s in store, no matter how stressful things get along the way.
  2. Flexibility is key. Every month is different – heck, every day is different – for med students, and when you’re married, that means your day-to-day will be different, too. Learning how to constantly adapt is part of the journey, and it’s a skill that I’m sure will continue to serve us well as we move/start residency/change jobs/someday have a family/etc. This was challenging at first but now I’m so grateful for the ways we’ve learned to grow together throughout this process!
  3. Make your own fun. Along those same lines, there isn’t much time (or money) for “fun” during med school. That just means you have to get creative 🙂 We have found so much joy in having “at-home” cocktail hours on the back patio and evening walks during warmer months, Jeopardy competitions on the couch during colder months, using gift cards for date nights (we literally haven’t had to pay to see a movie since we got married…our relatives rock), and giving each other love notes as the best gift of all. It can seem like a lot of give and give at times, and sometimes it’s hard to see other people our age having incredible vacations, buying homes, going out on the town every weekend…but then I think about what we’re working for and what is fun for US as a couple, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Which brings me to my next point…
  4. Remember what’s important. We didn’t have time to commit to many things during med school, but the bedrock of our relationship (literally since the day we started dating) was our faith. So church and small groups have been a mainstay for all four years of school. Not only have we grown closer to God and to each other as a result, but we have also found amazing support in the friends we’ve made along the way. The more Nathan learned about medicine, the more his faith grew. I know it doesn’t work like that for everyone, but it was certainly the case for us. We have been continuously blessed over the past four years. God’s plan is always so much better than our own and He continues to be our rock. For those in med school (or married to someone in med school), I think remembering your core values and staying committed to them amidst the crazy stress can really help keep everything in perspective along the way.
  5. Find your support system. For Nathan, there were a few key teachers/doctors/mentors throughout this experience who made this entire journey worthwhile, kept him going, and revved his engine when things were tough. For me, staying in touch with old friends, making new friends at work and church and in the neighborhood, and enjoying quality time with family helped me stay true to “me” no matter what was going on at the time. As a couple, we leaned on family, church, and mutual friends to fill our tanks during the stressful stretches. They are with us when we’re down and the first ones to cheer for us when we’re high, and we feel so lucky. We could not have gotten through this without an entire network of loved ones around us! It truly takes a village and we are so grateful for ours ❤

So that’s it – ta da! The official end of my Married to a Med Student days. I’d say I’ll miss them (and maybe someday I will) but for now, I’m just too excited for our adventure in Charlottesville. Life is good no matter what phase we’re in when we have each other, and I can’t wait for what’s next!

Graduation Weekend Round 1

It’s a busy year for our family in terms of graduations, which makes May a busy month! This past weekend we celebrated graduation round 1 in Tennessee. We drove into Nashville on Friday night and met my whole family there to kick off the celebrations for Ted’s graduation from Belmont.


His graduation ceremony was Saturday morning. After breakfast at Bongo Java we all went over to the Curb Event Center to watch him walk across the stage (and cheer obnoxiously too, of course). Nate and I both enjoyed some snuggles from our nephew, Jack, while we were there! It’s been WAY too long since we got to see him and he has grown up so much!


We all had lunch at Flip Side afterward, walked around an art fair in the afternoon, and then went to a brewery for pizza and drinks later that night. Everyone had a lot of fun together!


The next day, the Hartogs went to Tullahoma to celebrate my cousins’ college and high school graduations while Nathan and Luke went back home. It was a great excuse to get together with our extended family and catch up. We don’t get the chance to do that often now that we are all older and live so far apart, so we definitely appreciate the times when we are able to be together. We even got to visit Paul!


It was great to spend time with him and then everyone else at the cookout. We went back to Nashville on Sunday night and I flew out to Houston with my sister Monday morning to spend a few extra days with her and Jack.

Weekend Eats: Double Date Nights and Oma’s 80th Birthday Party

This past weekend was full of 1) nonstop rain in Indy and b) good food, so I’m going to focus on the bright side with this blog and tell you all about the food 🙂 I’ll keep the words short and let the photos do most of the talking!

First up – Friday date night at Napolese on the northside to celebrate my last full day at work (I’ll be working part-time remotely through May until we move). It was our second time at Napolese but the first time at this location. It was even better than we remembered it and Nate even claimed he’d rather take Napolese to Cville than Mother Bear’s (!!!).

Their menu changes every season so we got to try some new combinations. I started with a salad of course. Their salads are always AMAZING and this one was no exception – the perfect mix/balance of all the flavors and very fresh, local ingredients. (Lots of ingredients hiding under the lettuce in this photo – love how they toss it all together for you!)


Arugula, Strawberries, Shaved Fennel, Gorgonzola, Hazelnuts, White Balsamic Vinaigrette 

Next, we shared two pizzas: Hamaker’s Corner and Elliot’s Pie.


Up close is Elliot’s PiePancetta, roasted new potatoes, gorgonzola

Hamaker’s Corner in the back: Pepperoni, Italian sausage, provolone, mushroom

All of it was absolutely delicious! #thatpepperonithough… We had a few slices each and then took the rest home for leftovers to enjoy again later. It is the date night that keeps on giving. Win win!

Saturday I was in Tullahoma for Oma’s 80th birthday party. It was so fun to be with everyone! They held it at a local Mexican restaurant so good food was involved in addition to lots of good laughs, catching up with family, and heartfelt moments.

Mom and I representing the Hartog fam!

They ordered fajitas for everyone and Mom and I shared this amazing platter. Perfect fuel after a day on the road!


Last but not least, Sunday ended with a celebratory meal for Nate after he finished his sub-I rotation. *praise hands*

He chose The Eagle downtown (which started in Cincy and just opened a spot in Indy last year – famous for their fried chicken), which I’d been to once before for work. It far surpassed my memory of it though…I think the company had something to with that 😉 The food is top notch and the price is very reasonable. Plus it’s a casual atmosphere so we didn’t feel too bad coming in a little damp from the continuous rain.

Happy no-more-sub-I Nathan!

First: a beer at the bar while we waited for our table to be ready. And then, the main attraction(s)!

We each started with salads.


Country Green Saladmustard greens, curly endive, frisee, cucumber, radish, candied pecans, mustard vinaigrette

The family-style menu meant picking sharable sides. Luckily we both have similar tastes and easily agreed on the 1/2 fried chicken with mac & cheese and biscuits.

This plus their spicy hot honey = heaven


Mac & Cheese: five cheeses & garlic breadcrumbs


Homemade Biscuits with blackberry jam and honey butter

Okay seriously…best biscuits of my life (yes, even better than Punch Bowl Social).


I told Nate I would rather have those biscuits than a cupcake. That’s when you know it’s serious. This was the perfect amount of food for the two of us and we polished off our plates. We both agreed that if the opportunity arises, we would love to come back here again before we move.

It was a nice way to end to a busy but fun (and obviously delicious) weekend!